Braces are made up of metal brackets and wires or clear plastic trays that fit to the patient's teeth that are put on teeth to correct the alignment of one's teeth, bite alignment, and to help widen the palate or jaws. They work by applying pressure and force to teeth so that they can move in a certain direction. After a certain amount of time, the teeth will straighten, the bite will align, and the jaw will widen.

Bone remodeling is what is actually taking place. When bone remodeling is taking place, new tissue is replacing old, mature bone tissue which controls the reshaping of the bone. What is happening in a mouth when braces are put in is a tooth will loosen and move slightly to a specific position. New bone around it grows in order for it to be supported in its new location.

Metal braces are placed on teeth and wires are placed in the brackets along the teeth. The wires are the part of the braces that apply pressure to the teeth and jawbone. Pressure is constantly being applied to the patient's mouth when braces are in. During the treatment, the wires that run along the teeth in the brackets are adjusted to provide more or less pressure to the teeth so that they align properly. Elastic rubber bands are also used with metal braces. The rubber bands are used to move individual teeth or to correct jaw alignment.

Clear braces are a more cosmetic way to straighten teeth and align jawbones. They do the same job as metal braces, but in a slightly different way. They move teeth and reshape the jawbone, but clear braces do it one section at a time. With the Invisalign system, new sets of braces are used so that different parts of the jaw and different teeth are shifting at different times instead of everything moving at once. Clear braces are usually more comfortable for a patient and also usually take a shorter period of time compared to the conventional metal braces.

Braces are necessary for teeth that need either structural or cosmetic improvement. People that have incorrect bites (overbites, cross-bites), crooked teeth, and other flaws with their teeth and jaw. The use of any braces is to give the patient the proper form and function of their teeth and jaw. Braces will give you the straight, beautiful smile that you have always dreamed of.


Definitions related to Braces

Alignment:  putting two or more parts in straight and proper positions

Bone Remodeling:  the replacing and reshaping of old bone tissue by new bone tissue


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