Dentures are necessary for someone who has missing teeth. Major oral problems can arise whether someone is missing 1 or 2 teeth or all of their teeth. If teeth are missing, smiles can become drastically crooked. The other teeth, if there are any left, and the jaw will compensate for the missing teeth by shifting incorrectly. These are major problems that can take a lot of time and money to fix. Avoid these difficulties by replacing your missing teeth with partial or complete dentures.

To receive dentures, several appointments are necessary to complete the process. At first, an impression will be made of your mouth so that the dentist can create the right size and right shape so that the dentures will fit in your mouth properly. Models will then be made to see if they fit properly and to match the colors to your gums and your teeth correctly. A final set will then be made and put in. Receiving dentures will help the patient return to normal use of their mouth. It will also return their confidence and smile.
No matter what the reason for missing teeth, dentures can replace them and correct your smile.
Complete and partial dentures are the two different types of dentures that are used:
Complete dentures are used when all teeth are missing.
Partial dentures are used when some permanent teeth remain.


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